Saturday, September 19, 2009


"RELATIONS"-probably the most important word for anyone in this world.These relations are the ones which are truly ours in this challenging environment.These are the ones which we can look up to at times of joys and sorrows.But why these disappearing today???

India got indepence in 1947 from Britishers and from then on we have moved forward to a great extent.To get independence MAHATMA GANDHI emphasised on Hindu-muslim unity.

But the unity which I am going to talk about is at a very small scale.The unity between the family members.Well many people would think me stupid to talk about this topic because it is understood that there would be unity and love amongst various members of a family.But if it is really prevelant than can anyone tell me why the trend of joint families is vanishing and nuclear families is coming up,why there are old age homes if everyone loves and respects their parents,why do brothers get away from each other in their blind greed for money???Does anyone have an answer?

Today money can give us every luxury in this world but can it give us the warmth and love of our elders,can it give us the happiness given to us by our youngers,can it give us those times of joys and sorrows which we have spend with our family members?? NO it can't.......
In greed of money we forget our parents -the ones who brought us in this world and because of whom we are able to stand on our feet and taste success.Why is this??
Is the western culture getting too heavy on us?

Well I dont really know the reason for this but the people which do not understand the importance of these relationships need to sit down,have a small drink and then think cooly that what are they GAINING and what are they LOOSING

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  1. I fully agree with you friend. In my opinion too the nuclear families are the main reason for most of the problems prevailing in the society! Definitely we need to do introspection as to where will these greeds lead us?
    I understand being a student it is difficult to spare time but carry on writing as you are doing it nicely...