Wednesday, March 20, 2013


“It takes a little courage, and a little self control and grim determination, if you want to reach a goal. It takes a great deal of striving, a firm and a stern set chin. No matter what the battle is if you are really out to win.”

Life is not just a smooth road where every step is an easy one and every goal attainable without much trouble. Anything worthwhile is difficult to attain and the same stands for success. It requires a great deal of grit, determination and courage to reach the much-coveted peak. Successful people, when asked the secret of their success, invariably answer ‘hard work’.

A number of things distinguish the winner from the looser. At the beginning there are many contenders, but slowly the hardships of their chosen path take its toll and at the end it’s the one who overcomes the stumbling blocks, reaches the winning post. Troubles and problems are challenges to be faced, not blocks to be feared.

As a Russian proverb puts it “The hammer shatters glasses, but forges steel”. So it all comes down to what one is made up of. Do you give up when trouble comes calling or do they further strengthen your resolve to succeed? Do you wither in the face of adversity or does some strength comes to your rescue?

Do you dream of being part of achievers? Because only when there is a longing deep inside which is so intense, you feel it pulsating every moment of the day; a fire so bright, it lights your way miles ahead, so hot it can’t be quenched unless doused by success, can you think of performing the unthinkable. Aim at the impossible, at the heights which make you dizzy and leave no room for surrender in your life, and then success will be ‘fait accompli’.
Source-Priyanka Menghani.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The time that I feared the most,
Has come to haunt me like a ghost.
It’s time when I have to bid adieu,
to a wonderful person like you.
Being with you was my fate
but leaving you is what I hate....

If I had the power
I would love to have another shower
of your love and care....
To this gift of time I bleed,
trying to savor everything before I leave.
The laughs which we had,
on topics which were mad.
The fights that we fought,
on things that we bought.
The fun of others which we made, though not write
was an icing on the cake....
These are only some of the stories
 of our bucket full of memories.

I’m trying to find the power,
To stop the clock of God’s tower.
But all my efforts are in vain,
as time plays its own game....
One thing we promise
that there will be no water from our eyes
as we are moved by our lives.....
My heart now for others has a little less space,
as it is already covered by your face.
I finally leave this place with a faith,
that we will be friends till our lives have their permanent breaks……

-Srijan Sehgal